Doing it Yourself


This place caught my eye recently. From my brief clicking through (as I keep attempting to use the website for procrastination, and then while looking at some beautiful home-made centrifuges remember that yes, I should be centrifuging things right now, and that cells do not feed themselves), it looks wonderful. If you’re an amateur biologist, or if you think the mold on your bread/ceiling is looking like the next penicillin, these guys have a place where you can ask biosafety questions, or forums where you can just chat about what this mold looks like and whether you should be talking to your landlord about the safety of your flat.

(First question: is it growing in your lungs? If so, go to hospital, and then contact a lawyer. It’ll be like being both on House and Boston Legal. You could only be cooler if you, say, didn’t have mold growing in your lungs.)

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