SciCO, and Why I Am One

Man, I don’t know how capitals are meant to work in titles.

Anyway, I thought I’d just tell you my story about why I’m in amongst SciCO exec and how we’re really cool and I’m glad you’re here what up.

If you’re too lazy to check out the exec page, I’m Sophia, BSc (Genetics), fourth year this year. I’m all outgoing and awesome now, but in my first year I was lost, adrift in a sea of Health Science First Years, and unsure how exactly to get nerdcore. Not only did I not yet know the word nerdcore, I was also perishingly shy of people I didn’t really know. I had no idea how to rock up to ANY of the staff in my degree and just be like Hey So I Like Science What Do.

Thankfully I managed to meet (through a mutual friend) a charming, vaguely terrifying young woman down here doing her Masters in Genetics. Our first interaction scared me enough that I ran away and hid for a while, but eventually we crossed paths again, and started grabbing coffee and sushi regularly. It was quite different to me to talk about science with someone who not only was as interested in it as I was, but knew a lot more than me. I learned so much from her, but wait, it gets better.

She flatted with almost exclusively Honours students, most of whom were doing Genetics. In second semester, I spent so much time at that flat, and the girls I met that year I still think of as some of the brightest, funnest people I ever met and (I hope) among my best friends. They’ve given me advice by the bucketload, help with assignments, been my lab demonstrator, and just hung out and gossiped regularly and often (and sent me things like this amazing video).

Having older friends within the course you’re doing is incredibly valuable. Not only do I look up to these girls, I also have role models that are only a few years ahead of me in my goals. That’s a lot more attainable than looking at lecturers and thinking I want to be that.

Not everyone has as much luck as me. I don’t want to think about how much more I would have sucked if I hadn’t had this guidance and friendship both encouraging and supporting me. And I don’t like to think about first years such as myself, surrounded by these crazy people that keep talking about becoming a doctor, and feeling isolated from other people that might share their interests and passion.

Now we have SciCO. Vertical, cross-departmental integration. Passionate people getting their geek on. No science-minded cool kid left behind. And that’s why I’m in amongst; I believe in this, and I believe it’s going to be rad.

Because I’m rad, and I know you’re rad too.

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