Museum Sciencey Fun Times

It’s pretty easy to forget that the Museum has actual events as well as a butterfly house and an AWESOME MUMMY ON THE TOP FLOOR.



Anyway, here are some upcoming things going on:

Freaky Science: Terrifying Torrents

WOW TSUNAMIS. I have to apologize for not getting onto this before because the only one left in this series is TOMORROW at 2:30 pm. Also, this is totally 100% free (somewhat like SciCO membership)

Freaky Science: Vicious Volcanoes

PHWOAR. This may have been the title of a Horrible Science book but it’s not one I own so I can’t tell you for sure. The one left in *this* series is on Sunday, 2:30 pm in the museum Atrium. Also completely free.

A Land on Fire

Ever wanted to go on a field trip with complete strangers to fossils and other cool things? NOW YOU CAN. $25 for a bus trip and guide of geological sites. Maybe you’ll get some fossils. Maybe you’ll take only photographs and leave only footprints. It’s not stated on the flyer.

3rd Feb (Sunday) 11-3, get your booking in. Packed lunch available for +$12

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