Excuse you, I’ve taken an Arts Paper

With course confirmation looming, it’s probably a good point to talk about how your classes are looking for the year. Science-licious, surely? But before you get all excited about your courseload (and trust me, I’ve been excited about the courseload too many times to not be wise to the fact that there is always a drop!), think about what you’re taking. Sure, each year there’s your required papers, and there’s the ones that you feel will really fill out your degree, but there is always a gap.

You might be toying with the idea of a stats paper, or picking up something tangential to your interests (which I assume is more sciences, right?)

Let me give some unwarranted advice: Take an arts paper.

I know, right? Crazy thing to be saying on a science blog. I’m serious though, it will make your semester beautiful. The semester I took linguistics is the semester I had my highest average, even without the A+ for LING111. In second and third year, any token arts papers will be a breath of fresh air that you will appreciate regularly and often as assignments pile up and everything starts to get a bit caffeinated.

They’re fun. I might suffer from a chronic case of Arts Envy (oh the things I could do with a degree in Linguistics and Languages! Classics papers! Anthropology!) but I know the good sense of taking an enforced mental holiday in the insanity that runs from the middle of semester right into exams.

So think about taking an arts paper. Do it.

One thought on “Excuse you, I’ve taken an Arts Paper

  1. Julie February 14, 2013 / 5:34 pm

    Languages are especially fun

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