Some Otago-Flavoured News

All right, it’s time to get y’all updated on what SciCO is doing out in the big wide world… we’ve got a few exciting events on the way.


Is Health Sciences not your jam? Do you have an inability to care about Chemistry? Is the human body and systems thereof getting you down?


Not ONLY will SciCO have a table at Course Conformation for second semester (4th July), we’re also in the midst of sorting out a Mighty Fine Shindig for all y’all in the first week back. Feel free to approach us and get some sweet sciences chat to let you know that Science is more delicious when it’s unhealthy.


So this is the biggest event of your year. 3rd August. Otago Museum. Film Noir themed. Live Music. Carmen Sandiego. Snacks. Drinks. Decor.

Tickets will be on sale next semester. We’re currently in the process of making the design of said tickets (and promo posters) the best thing in the entire world, so get excited. We’ve confirmed Sunley Band (if you’ve heard them you’re probably quietly screaming in excitement by now) as the live music, we have a sweet DJ for once they get tired, and everything is going to be a little bit gritty and a little bit noir.

Except the food and drink, cause that would be gross.

As an important side note, we’ve got a general meeting on the 1st of June to apply for a grant to help us make this a slammin shindig. It’s likely I won’t say very much, so you may not in fact hear the word “shindig” at any point, but it’s kinda necessary to get money to do fancy things, so you should come along to that. We’ll let you know where it’s going to be real soon.


I’m super excited to welcome Kris (physics), Gabrielle (sport and exercise nutrition), and Ana (genetics) to our exec team. They continue the tradition of us having a very charismatic, awesome, and approachable executive. If you know them, congratulate them; they’ve done well to impress us.

4. What do you want?

You should tell us what you want, what you really really want.

If you want another Quiz Night next semester, if you want a lazer force evening facilitated by SciCO, if you want to tutor or be tutored (although there’s A Great Group that already sorts that out to a large extent, and solves poverty), if you want to help out with the ball or if you want to find collaborators to help control the weather so we definitely get snow this year, hit us up.

We’ve got a facebook page, and a question page here, and an email .

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