Serious Questions

It will be no surprise to anyone that in the lead-up to exams I get progressively more insane, and at the very edge of exam season I thought it would be best to pose questions to you all. These are very serious questions, and you must answer them with great honesty, as they will allow you insight into who you truly are.

Okay, question one:

Shoot, shag, or marry:

DNA, RNA, protein.

(Here’s the post that talks about them in greater detail)

You have an answer? One that takes into account the great changeability of RNA, the ability to use filthy lines regarding “zinc fingers” (proteins that bind DNA in the… uh, major groove.), and the hydrophobic nature of DNA into account?


Question Two:

Shoot, shag, or marry: Lt Grace Hopper, Einstein, Newton.

Einstein had a solid job in a patents office and was super smart (and had great hair), Newton stuck needles in his eyes, and Lt Grace Hopper invented computer programming.


And finally, the big one:

Shoot, shag, or marry:



or Physics.

Choose wisely.

One thought on “Serious Questions

  1. Tom June 1, 2013 / 2:14 pm

    shoot RNA shag protein Marry DNA! shoot Lt Hopper to kill the machine Fuck gravity and sail into the sunset with Einstein on a rainbow bridge! Finally murder chemistry root biology as that is what it has evolved to do and marry physics because its everything, end it in a bitter divorce and court battle where you get the big bang it gets the horizon paradox and you see dark matter every other Tuesday and Friday! Boom.

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