Unhealthy Sciences

Yooooo. Is health sciences not your jam? (Is CHEM191 just, the worst?) Are you unsure of what to do now you realized that not studying and instead sleeping 15 hours a day in exam season didn’t pay off? (Or, alternately, you studied really hard, the exam was just harder.)


We’ve got some ex-health science first year people coming along to be ASKED QUESTIONS by YOU yes that’s right YOU. Want to know how to go about never going anywhere near chemistry again? I’M PRETTY MUCH AN EXPERT ON THAT.

Or, we have chemistry majors coming as well, and they’re all right too. (and some postgraduate entry students, who can tell you what it’s like to do med after a degree.)

You might have seen and chatted with us at course conf – I know I waxed lyrical to a young lady about the wonders of genetics – but even if you didn’t, come and hang out with old people. Really. I’m 20. That’s practically ancient.

The event is here. It’s on Tuesday night, we’ve got St David’s foyer from 6-9, so just rock along and ask whatever question is bothering your brain.

See you then, my lovely first years!

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