Exec Alumni

Interested in seeing who the past exec members were? The alumni of previous years can be found variously throughout the Internet succeeding at life, but they are collected here.

It should be noted that SciCO (now ATOM) was formed from ASSA/integral members of the ASSA exec at the beginning of 2013, and previous exec members of ASSA are not noted here.

2015 SciCO Exec

President: Shivam Kalhan

Secretary: Alice-Roza Eruera

Treasurer: Kris Roberts

Members: Connie Wan, James McPherson, Scarlett Michelle, Alistair Fisher

2014 SciCO Exec

President: Rachael Davidson

Secretary: Laura Illston

Treasurer: Kris Roberts

Members: Ana Clarke, Daniel Lister, Alexis Baltrop, Alice-Roza Eruera, Connie Wan, Laura Roberts

2013 SciCO Exec

President: Emily Sutton

Secretary: Sophia Frentz

Treasurer: Malcolm Morrison

Members: Julie Blommaert, Ilsa Cooke, Isaiah Cheong, Alicia Berry, Ana Clarke, Kris Roberts, Helen Jones-Rippey, Sam Morris, Serena Chen, Elsie Jacobsen, Hannah Twigg

The italicized executive members are those that were only such for half of 2013, as some of the founding members were spirited away to exciting overseas opportunities and replaced by equally scintillating individuals.


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