Hi there, what’s up, welcome to the official blog of the Science Community Otago. You’ve probably got a lot of questions right now, like “What am I doing here?” and “Why do you have both an About and a Welcome page?” and “Shouldn’t there be a preposition in there somewhere?”The answers to those are, in order:

Because you like science

Because I like the sound of my own typing

and, most importantly, I’m not an English major.

There’s been a gap in our lives. You might not have noticed it, if you’re a first year, or if you haven’t yet been awakened to the ache in your soul that draws you towards science. The ache that inspires you to know more, learn more, and suffer through any required statistics courses in order to Be A Scientist.

That gap, incidentally, was the lack of a coherent organization that could bring people together at Otago under the umbrella of The Sciences. Law students have SOULS, the med students have their thing, but the sciences had a lack of anything.

It’s okay, don’t panic. We are here now. We’ll bring people together, so biologists can meet physicists, so chemists can meet geologists, so we can yarn about whatever we want and know that we are Scientists, and pretty cool ones at that. Get excited about this year, because SciCO is already pumping for what’s to come.

We’re going to have seminars, we’re going to have shindigs, and we’re going to get incredibly nerdcore. Or not; whatever floats your boat.

Get in amongst.

Sophia, your blogging companion.

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